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Raku - Download packages from others

A list of packaged third party binary and source distributions for Rakudo. Rakudo itself comprises of Rakudo, NQP and MoarVM with potentially other backends replacing MoarVM. Rakudo Star comprises of Rakudo, third party modules and documentation.

Third Party Distributions


Chocolately Rakudo Star

    • This is a packaging of Rakudo itself, MoarVM, NQP and the modules of Rakudo Star
    • It's built straight from the Rakudo Star Windows MSI usually released quarterly
    • choco install rakudostar



Linux and UNIX-like

nxadm's Rakudo & zef packages and repositories

    • Updated for every Rakudo release (monthly) by nxadm, a member of the perl6 github organization
    • Packages for Alpine and packages and repositories for Centos, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu.
    • One single package used for Rakudo, NQP and MoarVM
    • Includes zef (Raku Module Installer)

OpenSUSE Rakudo packages

pkgsrc (Work in Progress)

    • pkgsrc is a cross-platform (UNIX-like) source build system. Binaries are available for some systems (including NetBSD)
    • WIP is the experimental sub-system of pkgsrc
    • Separate packages for Rakudo, NQP and MoarVM

Debian perl6 packages

OpenBSD Rakudo Ports

Rakudo Star Docker