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The community brainstorming process finished August 1, 2000, resulting in 361 RFCs (Requests for Change).  They range from suggestions to rants, and Larry is looking at them closely as he develops the language.
Larry Wall is producing Apocalypses, language design documents that reflect his ideas of how the Perl language will change between versions 5 and 6 (in parallel, Damian Conway is producing Exegeses, sample code and explanations of techniques outlined in the Apocalypses).  The community is giving him feedback on the perl6-language mailing list, pointing out possible sources of confusion, alternate routes, etc.  This can cause Larry to revise decisions he made in earlier Apocalypses.  When all Apocalypses are produced, commented upon, and possibly revised, we'll have a picture of the perl6 language.


parrot - the virtual machine that Perl 6 (and other languages) will run on.


Rakudo - a Perl 6 Compiler on Parrot.

Pugs - an experimental implementation of Perl 6. Run Perl 6 today!