About Perl6 RFCs

The initial design phase of perl6 is where we produce suggestions for Larry to evaluate. We're brainstorming, but want to structure the output of the brainstorming so that it's useful for Larry. That's what RFCs are: every idea that someone wants in Perl should have an RFC produced for it.

Larry has commented on the scope and nature of the changes expected in version 6 of Perl. Some messages are here, here, and here.

The RFC format is here (last changed July 31, 2000). A sample (fictitious) RFC is here in POD format, and here formatted as HTML.

Here's the process for submitting an RFC:

  1. Mail it to [email protected]
The librarian will:
  1. Assign it a number if it doesn't already have one.
  2. Put it on the web site.
  3. Mail it to the perl6-announce mailing list, with Reply-To set to the discussion list named in the RFC.