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Getting Data Into Unicode Is Not Our Problem


  Maintainer: Simon Cozens <simon@brecon.co.uk>
  Date: 25 Sep 2000
  Mailing List: perl6-internals@perl.org
  Number: 296
  Version: 1
  Status: Developing


Forget iconv, ICU, Encode, tcs and all that. Rule them out of scope, and we don't have to worry about them.


One thing we've been pushing ahead with for 5.7.0 is character encoding translation support. Now, there are a bunch of libraries out there which already do this, and I mentioned some of them in the abstract. Choosing one of them is going to be problematic, because there'll always be users that won't have it; writing our own is Not Fun.

We can sidestep the whole issue by not even claiming to provide any character encoding support. Let's say that we're happy to convert ISO8859-1 into Unicode, since that's relatively trivial, but if the user's got anything more exotic, they have to provide us with Unicode themselves through the line discipline method.

This means that they can grab, from CP6AN or elsewhere, modules which support the conversion libraries they have currently installed, or, if they don't have any, which perform the conversions that they want. (Such as the nascent Encode module.)

This is economical for us, since we don't have to worry about encoding support; it's economical for the end user, since they can choose the library which best fits their needs.


See RFC 311: Line Disciplines.


The Encode module in bleadperl

RFC 311: Line Disciplines