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Generate module dependencies easily


  Maintainer: Adam Turoff <ziggy@panix.com>
  Date: 24 Sep 2000
  Last Modified: 26 Sep 2000
  Mailing List: perl6-stdlib@perl.org
  Number: 289
  Version: 2
  Status: Frozen


Perl6 should ship with a simple utility that shows all modules a program uses, and all modules those modules use.


Tom Christiansen proposed this in his perl6storm message:

	=item perl6storm #0043

	Write something that spits out module dependencies.  Like makedep.
	A tool that sources but doesn't run? a program/module then spits
	out %INC might suffice.  Can we autobundle with CPAN tricks?

This feature will be useful for quite a number of uses, including bundling modules for distribution, and generating snapshots of large Perl programs.

Curtis Jewell noticed that this will not be able to detect runtime dependencies, such as those coming from eval'ed code. This could be handled by adding extensions to the language, adding POD constructs that a dependency checker will examine, or possibly other means.

Even if the dependency checker could not detect runtime dependencies, it would still be damn useful.


This feature is probably best implemented through a standard module used as a compiler backend.