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system() should return useful values


  Maintainer: Nathan Torkington <gnat@frii.com>
  Date: 13 Sep 2000
  Mailing List: perl6-language@perl.org
  Number: 221
  Version: 1
  Status: Developing


system() should return true if the program exited normally, false otherwise.


In perl5, system() returns the wait status of the program: 0 if it succeeded, a positive number if it failed. This means you can't test for failure with "|| die" as you can with so many other Perl functions.

I propose changing it so that system() returns false on failure and true on success.

It would no longer return the exit status of the program, which would need to be collected through $? or its perl6 replacement.


Simple change to the pp_code for system().

The perl526 translator would replace system() with:

  do { system(...); $? }


perlfunc manpage for description of system()

perlvar manpage for description of $?