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Subscription problems

The mailinglist manager is ignoring me!?

You need to fix your envelope sender address. Mailers *must* send their bounces to the envelope sender's address. If yours is not correct, you will never get bounces.

Why don't you just use the From: address?

You realize, of course, that by having a bogus envelope sender, you're never going to see any bounces for the email you send out. How do you know it didn't bounce?

If you really can't fix your envelope address you can use the extended syntax to specify your address, for example: [email protected] if your address is [email protected]

Perl6 lists

I want to get all the mails from all the perl6 mailinglists

... and subscribing everytime a new list is created is a pain.

That is what the perl6-all meta mailinglist is for. Send mail to [email protected] to subscribe. You should be aware that this list gets A LOT of mail.

Is perl6-all eliminating duplicates?


The idea is that you get the unaltered feed so you can get all messages in the right folder and do duplicate elimination yourself. If you can't do duplicate elimination then you probably can't handle the amount of mail you get from perl6-all anyway. :-)

If you use procmail you can put the following rule into your .procmailrc, and you will nuke most of those nasty dupes right on delivery.

:0 Wh: .msgid.lock
| formail -D 8192 .msgid.cache

How do I filter the perl6- mailinglists to different folders?

Tired of adding a new .procmailrc rule everytime we add a new list? Try putting this into your .procmailrc:

* ^Mailing-List: contact [email protected]; run by ezmlm
* ^X-Mailing-List-Name: \/.*

I have another question ...

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