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To subscribe to a list, send mail to [email protected]. The mailinglist manager has a few nifty features. Mail [email protected] to get information about them. The most popular feature is the "get" function you can use to request old mails from the archive. Very useful if you join a list and want to catch up on what happened before you subscribed.

You might find the FAQ useful.

You can also browse the List of all Perl mailing lists.

Moderated list for news of new lists, working groups, and so on. Summaries from the top-level working groups are also posted here.
Subscribe: [email protected] - Archive.

Discusson of the perl6 language.
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Discussion of development of Perl 6 compiler implementations
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The first list for users of Perl 6 (as opposed to implementors)
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This is a "metalist" that gets all mails from all of the above mentioned lists. If you subscribe to perl6-all you'll always get all mails to all perl 6 mailinglists. You can setup procmail to filter on the X-Mailing-List header to filter on the original listname. You can't post directly to the perl6-all list, only through the "real lists". Subscribe by sending mail to [email protected].

There are also many mailing lists that were used early in the perl6 process that are no longer being used.

Please don't include the posting addresses in links on the web. Always use either the subscribe address or a link to an archive.

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These lists are all archived at The archive is not searchable yet, but it will be soon.

Most mailinglists are also archived at the mail archive. The url for each list is[email protected]