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Perl 6 Summary for 2006-01-24 though 2006-02-07


Welcome to another fortnight's summary. I would say more, but my throat really hurts.

Perl 6 Language

Pugs's Minimum GHC

Darren Duncan proposed moving the minimum GHS requirement from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1. Based on the conversation, this appears to be a somewhat likely outcome.

Pugs Makefile.PL Update

Beau E. Cox posted a patch to improve Makefile.PL. Audrey added it and handed him a commit bit.

Pugs 3.2.11

Pugs, now officially 1 year old, just hit its 6.2.11 release.

Pugs Link Error

Beau E. Cox had trouble linking Pugs 6.2.11 and Parrot 0.4.1. Audrey pointed out that he needed a parrot source tree nearby.


Larry Wall posted an update of S06. It looks very tasty. I hope the standard library has some convenience routines for dealing with Perl 6's AST.

Pugs Version Numbers

Beau E. Cox was a little confused by Pugs's jump in development version. Kevin Puetz explained the approach to $2 \pi$.

Parrot Source Tree for Pugs?

Beau E. Cox, after discovering that a Parrot source tree is necessary to build Pugs, wondered if it was still necessary after Pugs was built. Larry provided the answer: no.

PGE Binding

Audrey noticed a problem convincing PGE to alias a scalar. Patrick explained that it was not yet implemented.


Hmmm... If the short one required two cough drops, I fear for the long one. Of course, that was uncharacteristically large for p6l, so perhaps p6i will be short. (Gambler's Fallacy, I know)

Namespace Relativism

Leo noticed a few namespace opcodes which could function either relatively or absolutely. Peoples seemed to want absolute.

Interpreters and Stashes?

Leo posted a few questions about parts of Parrot's guts that he wasn't sure about. Chip posted his thoughts.

File, OS, and Path

Alberto Sim\xF5es posted his proposal for File/OS functions. Chip provided his opinions as well.

Object Initialization Issues

Bob Rogers noticed a change in the semantics of object initialization. He and Leo added tests and nailed down them down more firmly.

I/O Filters

Steve Gunnell posted his ideas for how to finalize and improve the I/O filter system on which Parrot's IO is built. Leo, Nicholas Clark, and Joshua Hoblitt fined tuned his ideas slightly.

Parrot on z/OS

Ravi Sastry wondered if Parrot could run on z/OS. Jonathan Worthington guessed that it probably would not run right now, but could be made to run by an interested developer.

Dirty I Registers

Jerry Gay noticed that IREGs weren't being zeroed properly.


Norman Nunley found and fixed a bug in Parrot::Configure::Data. Leo applied the patch.


Nicholas Clark noticed some macro strangeness involving PARROT_IN_EXTENSION. Jonathan Worthington determined that it was vestigial and remove it. Nicholas was happy.

Invalid Cleaning Order

Bernhard Schmalhofer noticed that make clean was cleaning itself into a corner. He filed a bug for it.


Joshua Isom found a problem with the FreeBSD JIT. Leo pointed him to some docs to help him debug his problem.

Makefile Cleanup

Joshua Isom posted a patch cleaning up some makefile stuff. Joshua Hoblitt thought that further review was necessary. Warnock applies.

Supporting Static Variables

Leo posted a few thoughts on how to support static variables in Parrot. Larry, Nicholas Clark, and Joshua Isom provided a few suggestions.

Truncating Generated PIR Code

Allison Randal was having problems with generated PIR code getting truncated. Leo managed to track down and solve the problem.

Want a Job?

[email protected] posted a job offering to the list. Unfortunately he posted it to google groups (most likely) as it didn't make it to the list proper.

Exception in a Constructor Oddness

Jonathan Worthington provided a test case display an unexpected interaction between constructors and exceptions. Warnock applies.

Continuation Return Values

Bob Rogers provided a patch allowing Continuations to return values. Leo applied the patch.

Dynamic PMC Link Dependency

Leo noticed that compiling a static parrot leads to problems with dynamic extensions. Nick Glencross tracked it down to a dependency issue with dynamic pmcs.

Restricted clear_eh

Recently Bob Rogers suggested restricting the scope of which exception handlers can be cleared by a clear_eh opcode. Leo implemented the request and applied Bob's tests.

*_config.o Issues

Florian Ragwitz posted a few options on how to clean up the *_config.o issues that seem to come up. Warnock applies (lightly as he posted on Monday).

bc Needs Python

Jerry Gay noticed that languages/bc would fail most of its tests without python. It should probably probe for that.

GraphViz of Parrot

Allison Randal posted a pdf of the parrot repository generated by GraphViz. It is pathological enough that acrobat does not really like the file. I am told that xpdf deals OK.

Tcl Globals Failure

Will Coleda noticed that r11431 is suddenly failing a few Tcl tests.

Param Count Checks

Leo tried enabling param count checks to see what would fail. The answer appears to be much. This led to discussion of how to enable and disable checks on both arguments and returns.

Method Look up in Dynamic PMCs

Fran\xE7ois Perrad wondered why his Lua PMCs were failing to find their new methods. Leo explained that the necessary methodhash in them was not yet implemented and gave him a workaround.

Perl 6 Language

"as if"

Jonathan Lang, Stevan Little, and Rob Kinyon has a discussion about some sort of type casting or coercion in Perl 6. The conversation sorted of petered out undecidedly.

ff operator

Larry renamed the flip flop operator to ff . People rejoiced loudly.

New T-Shirt

Juerd posted his one line perl 5 to perl 6 conversion T-Shirt to cafe press. I know at least one summarizer who would not object to having one show up at his door...

Protype Based MMD

Stevan Little posted a link to a nifty paper on Prototype Based MMD. There is also a short version for the attention impaired. (I read that one; it is neat.)

S06 Questions

Dakkar had a few questions about S06. Larry had a few answers.

Named Unicode Characters

larry announced that one could put named Unicode code points into strings like this "\c[LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A, COMBINING RING ABOVE]".

Perl 6 can goto hell;

Larry announced the addition of a goto statement.

Something Between State and My

Dave Whipp wondered if he could have a variable that was unique to each non-recursive invocation of a function. Luke Palmer suggested that env variables already did this, but Larry pointed out a few nuances there.

Universal Roles

Yuval Kogman wants a really powerful sort of automatic application of roles, I think. Warnock applies.


Herbert Snorrason wants more specifics on macros in Perl 6. Larry gave him some.

Synopsis Typos

Yiyi Hu and Andrew Savige found a few typos in a few synopses. Larry graciously fixed them.

Automatic Instantiation

Darren Duncan wondered if Perl 6 had a way to provide a default value for uninstantiated variables of a particular type. The led to Larry going into a little more detail on "protype objects", and Matt Fowles pushing for even more detail.

Perl 6 Development Process

Yuval Kogman posted a loose plan for for improving Perl 6's development momentum. This is a contentious issue, and I will not try to summarize it directly. Read the link, it is the last one of the summary.

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