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Perl 6 Summary for 2004-12-20 through 2005-01-03


Welcome to a New Year of Perl 6 Summaries. I have been doing bi-weekly summaries over the holiday season, but I plan on returning to weekly ones now. Hopefully "World of Warcraft" won't prevent me, we shall see, but if anyone starts a perl guild drop me a line ;-)

Perl 6 Language

Perl IDE

matisse wondered if an IDE for Perl would be possible given its dynamic nature. The conses arrived at last time was that an IDE that worked for "nice" code would be possible, but a fully general one would be extremely difficult and quite possibly impossible.

Premature Optimization

jona... has a rant about low level data types and premature optimizations. So google tells me, but I can't find it in my gmail account... Perhaps he posted directly to google continuation enhanced arcs. I wish people would not do that....

strictness of fully qualified globals

Alexey Trofimenko wanted to know if Perl 6 would have a way to catch mistakes like $OtherPackage::NmaeWithTypo when using strict. The thread seemed to wander off without answering his question... Although it did note that perhaps OtherPackage::$NmaeWithTypo would make more sense.

Perl 6 Compiler

using ASCII 0 as a terminating character

Nicholas Clark pointed out that Perl 5 allows '\0' to be used as a quoting character for q{} . He felt that this was useful and should be kept in Perl 6. Patrick agreed.


P5 was the new P2

Last time, I reported that Sam and Leo wanted to pass P5 in P2 as well. Sam reported later that he was no longer confident in this idea. I guess I should de-nudge Dan....

warning in pybuiltin.pmc

Simon Glover submitted a patch to fix it, but Warnock applies.

POD cleanup

chromatic applied his previously threatened patch with a polite thanks to himself.

reading past EOF in PIR

Matt Diephouse noted that the error from reading past the EOF in PIR was not really informative. Patches welcome.

Missing examples in PDD16

Simon Glover noticed a section in PDD16 that just stops midsentence. He suggested that it be either finished or the section removed. No answer...

MMD and VTABLE_find

Leo and Sam continued their discussion of how to implement MMD. The conversations stopped, but I am not sure that it progressed. Perhaps some guidance would be helpful...

PyCon discussions

A.M. Kuchling noted that PyCon is scheduled for March 23-25 in DC. Many folk will be there including the authors of IronPython and Jython. The deadline for submissions was the Dec 31, but that does not mean that people cannot attend, learn a whole bunch, and take over the world.

Dynclasses Broken build

Will noted that dynclasses/*py* broke the build. Sam fixed it with alacrity.


Adrian Lambeck provided a patch to get mod_parrot working with parrot-0.1.1. Nicholas Clark applied it.

missing "make test" dependencies

Will Coleda noted some problems with running "make test" with first running "make". Sam fixed them, but could not close the RT tickets...

split on RegExp

Will Colleda gave Patrick a friend nudge about split. Patrick noted the nudge.

--no-lines and --help for ops2*.pl

Bernhard Schmalhofer added support for the above mentioned flags to and Leo applied it.


Prompted by a question from Simon Glover, Leo deprecated StringArray.

ponie on x86 solaris

Andy Bach noticed some problems with ponie on x86 solaris. Leo and Nicholas Clark helped him get the failing ponie slightly farther before failing.

Win32 dynclass issues

Jonathan Worthington bravely set out to fix dynclass pains in Win32. With the help of Leo and Nicholas Clark, he is making progress.

Undef != Undef

Simon Glover noted that this oddity was causing unexpected results. This led to some scrutiny of the Fixed vs Resizable arrays. The conses is that the core PMCs need their exact semantics specified and then implemented. As oposed to the current approach of letting the implementation be the specification... -- Undef != Undef -- Hash PMC needs it too -- more ResizablePMCArray problems. -- garbage values in Fixed*Arrays

deleting keys from an OrderedHash

Simon Glover noticed that it hurt when he did this. Leo told him not to do that.

native structures for parrot

Graciliano M. P. explained that he wanted native datatypes in Parrot so he could make optimizations where approriate. Leo, Luke, and Bernhard all explained that it could be done. Bernhard Schmalhofer even went on to ponder Piddles in Parrot.

Parrot bench's working directory

Matt Diephouse wondered if he should make parrot bench be run from the root directory instead of its sub dir. Joshua Gatcomb indicated that he should.


Sam Ruby solicited input on adding a new VTABLE_call_method slot.


Peter Christopher wondered why pop_pad had yet to be implemented.

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