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The Perl 6 Summary for the week ending 20021229

This is not your normal summary. It's been Christmas, things have been quiet, I've been concentrating on mince pies, roast goose and all that other good stuff. Normal service will be resumed next week.


  • Larry Wall is just wonderful. Thanks for you ongoing design work and for your injections of clarity into the mailing lists. Not that I want to nag or anything, but could we have a few more apocalypses this year?
  • Damian Conway is madder than a treeful of very mad fish, but in a good way. Thanks for your patience and continuing effort -- it's always a pleasure to read your posts, especially the ones where you implement Hard Stuff in about 10 lines of lucid Perl 6.
  • Dan Sugalski is a virtual machine designer of taste and descrimination. Thanks for Parrot, it's grrreat.
  • Leopold Tötsch is the Patch Monster! Thanks for your staggering Parrot patch output.
  • Leon Brocard is not just a running joke. Thanks for making it easy to keep the joke running.
  • Everyone who answered the questionnaire at any time, thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback as a result of these summaries. It's really good to know that people finding these things useful.
  • Everyone who has donated to the Perl Foundation (at, whether in response to these summaries or not.
  • Gill Cawley, for obvious reasons.

I've missed out a pile of people I know, but you're either partial or you end up doing a massively long, bad Oscar acceptance speech kind of list.

Have a great 2003 folks.